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Fill in Your Information & Start Receiving Comments within 
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We promise your details will never 
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Wow Christine! Way to hit it out of the park with creating this tool! I have received instant feedback to my videos just by sending out my request daily and commenting on a few other peoples videos... This works and its great that this is a place where us top marketers can come and help each other out... I recommend this to all internet marketers! 
Mike Hobbs http://www.whoismikehobbs.com 

This great service is consistently getting me comments/feedback to my blog(s). It is adding Twitter followers to my account and new members to my Facebook group. Try it out - you won't be disappointed. Kevin Froude

The site is excellent! VERY user friendly and easy to use. The results speak for themselves. The communication with the other members is amazing! Thus far i received 10 youtube subscribers and increasing... I really recommend it.

At first i was a bit skeptical, I make art and have been wanting more exposure to my work - I came across easy instant feedback and decided to try it. It was great! It has got my youtube channel and videos more views and subscribers, making me become more noticed! Thanks to Christine McIvor and everyone else involved, i hope this becomes big : )  Joe http://www.youtube.com/user/sprayart94